Missions We Support...

We feel truly blessed to be able to partner with ministries globally, locally, and nationally. Below is a list of different missions and ministries that we support here at Little Prairie.

Global Missions:

African Christian

Casa Por Cristo

Kids Kare

Mexican Mission Organization

Taiwan Team Expansion

Tim & Erin McSaveny/PBT

Funds for International LPCC Mission Trips

Cing Root

Katherine Shilling

Local/National Missions:

91.7 Thy Word Network

Albion Ministerial Alliance

Chicago District Evangelism (IGNITE)

Funds for Domestic Mission Trips

Hope Center (Albion)

Mission III Academy

Nathaniel Whisler (FCA)

Oblong Christian Children's Home

Oil Belt Christian Service Camp

Pinehaven Ranch & School

Wabash Christian Retirement Center

Bible Colleges/Campus Ministries:

Eastern IL Campus Ministry

Lincoln Christian University

Milligan College

Miscellaneous Funds for Speakers

Scholarship Fund

University of IL Christian Campus Ministry