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  • Mayhem in Bethlehem - Youth Christmas Musical

    Our preschoolers through high school students are involved in the musical, "Mayhem in Bethlehem," which will be performed Sunday, 12/15 at 10:30 am.  Join Noah Lott, Vesta Gates, Freddie Factoid and Lorna Limelight from the Nosy News Network as they investigate what is going on in Bethlehem.

  • Kids Outdoor Zone

    All boys ages 8 - 18 are invited to be a part of KOZ where they will learn outdoor & recreational skills while being mentored by godly men.  KOZ meets the 2nd Saturday of every month from 8 am until noon. 

  • Candlelight christmas eve service at 9 pm

    Come for Carols and Scriptures celebrating Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve at 9 pm.  There will be a special story and gift for the children.  Kids are welcome to come in their pj's!